Characterization of the molecular pathology of depression in human postmortem subjects.


Our research goals have focused on translational research aimed at identifying the cellular and molecular basis of major depression, using genomic, proteomic, genetic/epigenetic and single cell studies in postmortem brains of depressed and control subjects. We have provided direct evidence for BDNF- and GABA-related pathologies in depression with gender- and brain region-specific features. These studies provide supporting evidence and potential links between two major hypotheses of depression, namely the reduced neurotrophic support and altered GABA hypothesis. Combined with imaging evidence from other groups, we have proposed a model linking molecular, cellular, biochemical, and neural network findings for a role of cortical GABA neurons in the increased self-focus/rumination symptom dimension in depression. This coherent translational model has now generated testable hypotheses for a dimensional and symptom-based investigation of altered GABA function in neuropsychiatric disorders.



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